Re-designed Hickman Seasled, video.

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by wojtek86, Oct 6, 2011.

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    +1 re Bluebell's comment above - please do supply some more details re the boat that you are going to build.
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    Purchased the TX18 plans from here: Texas Sled 18 Boat Plans (TX18) - Boat Builder Central referenced by @PAR as a good design that supposedly
    fixed known issues with original sleds. I have read many post by other builders who love the boat. One builder mentioned selling the boat he built, regretted it, and later tracked down the current owner who refused to sell it. I get the feeling it will take time to get it dialed in (i.e. getting trim etc. just right).
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    BlueBell . . . _ _ _ . . . _ _ _

    I don't think it'll be hard, it's a proven design and they seem to be very "forgiving" hulls.
    When do you expect it will be launched?
    I hugely encourage you to start your own build thread.
    (It may take a day or two before you're allowed to post new threads.)

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    Thanks, Bluebell, I will start a build thread when I begin the process. I live in Florida and will likely build it in my garage, so trying to wait until fall when it cools and build it thru the winter. I have a good friend who will be helping me. He worked at Sea Ray for 30 years managing the lamination on their boats from 20 ish ft. to 65 ft. and has a boatload, pun intended, of knowledge in lamination and overall boat building. I am excited to work with him due to his knowledge and what I will hopefully glean thru it all.

    Additionally, my oldest son graduates college next year and if all works out (ie. floats :), safe), I plan to gift him the boat, so I have to get after it (fingers crossed).
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