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Discussion in 'Class Societies' started by meren, Jan 16, 2014.

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    New Recreational Boat Directive is coming into force in Europe at a moment. There is a 3 years period to get production boats to fulfill requirements set up by harmonized EN ISO Small Craft standards. There is something new also in essential safety requiments in annex I concerning mostly MOB, septic tanks and other pollution related. Any thoughts - Do You note something else all new in this revision?

    New Recrational Boat directive:




    EN ISO Small Craft standards:

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    new directive

    The main changes are related to the responsibility of the importer in the European market.
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    Some of the changes to the Essential Requirements (Annex I) are:

    • Design categories no longer have a reference to ‘Ocean’ or ‘Offshore’
    • MOB - ‘Means of re-boarding shall be accessible to or deployable by a person in the water unaided’
    • All habitable multihull recreational craft susceptible of inversion (and where there is a means of escape provided for use in the inverted position) shall not compromise the structure (point 3.1), the stability (point 3.2) or buoyancy (point 3.3) whether the recreational craft is upright or inverted.
    • ‘Any toilet fitted in a recreational craft shall be connected solely to a holding tank system or water treatment system’
    • Visibility from the main steering position – this now applies to all recreational craft and not just motor yachts.
    • More stringent Post Construction Assessments required.
    • Exhaust emission levels - Aligns EU exhaust emissions with US levels.
    • Sound (Noise) Emission Levels = no change to previous Directive.
    • All outboard engines, except for those producing less than 500 Newtons of thrust or are limited to this amount, shall have a device to prevent the engine being started in gear.
    • Propulsion engine identification and marking – the following needs to be included - Name/address/contact/engine type or family/serial #/CE marking
    • Petrol fuel tank spaces shall be ventilated (deletion of mandatory tank ventilation for all tanks).
    • All electrical circuits, except engine starting circuits supplied from batteries shall remain safe when exposed to overload (this will apply to electrical cabling in Hybrid/Electric propulsion systems).

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    This new recreational directive is not in force in EU until january 2017. So take it easy folks...
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