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    As someone who is already involved in selling production RC cats, who has a Mini40 is development, and who has been following foiling RC multihull threads here, I have to ask this question:

    Why has the RC multi 1 meter class become moribund?

    There are now people getting 1 meter cats to foil (see videon postings in these forums). I think the size restriction (as in an RC foiler has to be big) is starting to go away. We at FlyingHulls are in development on a foiler at .8 meter and we might actually make that work.

    in trying to transport a 1.2 meter boat, isn't just a matter of .2 meters in length, it is a question of .44 sq meters in additional AREA. Look at the AMYA classes and see how many more 1 meter boats there are than Marbleheads or Santa Barbaras. I like big boats too, but more people are going to want to work at the 1 meter AREA than at the bigger sizes.

    FlyingHulls will pledge support in time and organization to help resurrect this class if we get enough response through this forum or at marketing@flyinghulls.com. If you have a 1 meter multi and reside in the US, please email us. If you are now or have been in the past a decision-maker in this class, please contact us.
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