Rapido 40, 50 Folding system

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by patrik111, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. patrik111
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    Very intrigued by the folding systems shown for the new M&M Rapido 40 & 50

    How does that work?
    Locking in place for sailing and for folded, joint low down in ama and... But how does is look?

    Let the speculations begin!
    Please bring pictures
  2. upchurchmr
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    upchurchmr Senior Member

    This is just Ferrier's patented system from 30 years ago.
    Nothing wrong with it, but nothing new either, from the very minimal information provided.

    The patent has expired, btw. So this is legal.
  3. patrik111
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    patrik111 Junior Member

    Most of it does absolutely consist of Farrier geometry, but the amas are articulated vs the beams, meaning in folded position, they are still in an relatively upright position. How that is achieved is what is keeping me awake.

  4. John Perry
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    John Perry Senior Member

    I recall that some years back Ian Farrier in one of his writings on the internet said that he had considered a mechanism like this that includes extra pivots and links to keep the floats upright during folding and I think, but cannot be sure, that he said that he had taken out a patent for it. He then went on to say that he did not think the extra complication would be worth the benefit for most owners so he had not taken the idea further.

    I would think that this arrangement would be more worthwhile on a larger boat than most of those designed by Ian. Ian's boats are mostly designed to be road trailerable, so the folding mechanism is mainly intended to facilitate that. Unlike the Dragonfly system, the Farrier system is not ideal for frequent folding for marina berths. For boats much over 10m road trailing becomes irrelevant and the greater width perhaps leads to a greater need to fold in marinas.
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