"Raft" plans for the Kids (w/parental {gaurdian} consent that is).

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    Am submitting this (no longer published) plan package to the group. It is a kid's watercraft, and/or family craft project. I would ask that no minors get, nor make use of the offered information... unless they get permission first. Better yet, that any interested parents, check it out first.

    The archived file is a WinRAR. The contents are jpg's, not a pdf file. Please read the text file first. If any-one finds that I am mistaken about the commercial availability of these plans... please inform me. And, I will remove the plans from my public folder on SkyDrive. I am unsure if "you" are required to have a Live.Com, Hotmail.Com, or MSN.Com, account to access public-folders on Live.com.

    http://cid-4c5cd5c9e9905495.skydriv...cycleWare/RecycleWare Milk Jug Battleship.rar

    With some adjustments and alterations, the Battleship, could have many possibilities. Such as adding a variation of the Tugboat Bed, as an on-deck shelter. Ofcourse, that would require a major overhaul of the floatation system.

    Safe & Happy days to y'all.


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