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Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by cutthroat59, Oct 29, 2010.

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    cutthroat59 New Member

    Hi,im new to this forum and would appreciate any advise,im about to install a racor system and the ideal placement would be about 2' over the batteries,is this an issue and am I asking for trouble?
  2. apex1

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    and why two times?
  3. Man Overboard
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    Man Overboard Tom Fugate

    Apex; Two feet (2')
  4. apex1

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    2 feet, two threads..........

    clear, thanks.
  5. murdomack
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    murdomack New Member

    Assuming you are talking about diesel filters here, it might not be a desirable location. Risks from spillages leading to fire, tools shorting terminals, there are ways to negate all risks, but it may be safer to re-locate.

  6. Scott Carter
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    Scott Carter Senior Member

    I'd counsel you to avoid that location if we're discussing gasoline filter/separators.
    If diesel, then you can expect that at some time there will be some (not necessarily a lot, but for sure some) fuel spilt when either changing the elements or draining water form the bowls, etc. You also didn't mention what model Racors, and that would have some bearing on how much fuel you might expect to lose when servicing for any reason.
    If you choose this spot, do so knowing that including a full pan under the filters as well as a solid cover over the batteries should be considered a minimum protection against fuel/electrical co-mingling. It can be made safe.
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