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Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by Redsky, Jul 19, 2006.

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    im shure this has been hashed over at some point but my searches dident return any results.
    given there are lots of boats out there for sale,some at quite bargian prices , rebuild a hull to suit thats already been floating a long time..wood hulls in paticular but iv seen some ex trawlers steel recently for sale at eye poping low prices in the 70-90' range real long range ocean hulls mind you,
    as v noted else where im working on a couple things but id like to examin the merits of a hull already made however a lot of them seem to have short comings for whatever reason..but may have other uses if properly fitted
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    Refitting a trawler does actually require a redesign of the boat. Yanking a fish hold and refigeration units, fishing gear etc... removes a lot of weight from the boat and changes the stability and trim. If the hull is sound and you compensate for the missing equipment, you should wind up with a good boat. Most folks alter the superstructure as well, and that requires much the same kind of consideration.
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