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Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by swabbie, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. swabbie

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    We have several small boat concepts we want developed to construction dwgs. Please send me a PM if interested
  2. JCL Design
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    JCL Design Designer

    I may be able to help. Can you send a me a pdf of the concepts?
    my e-mail is JCLdesign12@gmail.com.

  3. michael pierzga
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    michael pierzga Senior Member

    So You need a Design Development Quote ? Hmmm.... How about....

    "Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication " - Leonardo Da Vinci

    Its Good Quote
  4. swabbie

    swabbie Previous Member

    MP, Are you expressing an interest or just expressing...
  5. Ad Hoc
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    Ad Hoc Naval Architect

    There is a significant difference between

    taking a concept and developing into construction dwgs, and taking a design into construction dwgs.

    A concept, is just that...no actual hard data and nothing to justify or verify the concept with work. Whereas a "design" per se, even if in rough concept form, if the design has been matured and verified via many methods to validate the design/concept, this can be taken into construction dwgs.

    If all you have is a "sketch" whether it be by hand or fancy 3D modelling..if that is all that exists, it is just a pretty picture. In which case production dwgs will be just that. With zero guarantee that it will work, and a waste of money.

    A pretty 3D image, if that's all that exists, requires design and design work first. Since that is the role of the naval architect, rather than just a draughtsman that shall detail a design (provided by you) into production dwgs.

    If your concept has been verified and validated by several methods sources, then taking this "design concept" into production dwgs is much easier and "real". You're just adding meat to the bone, as it were.

    You need to state very clearly what your asking for...and what you have to provide for said person taking the concept (whatever it may be) into production dwgs.
  6. JCL Design
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    JCL Design Designer

    I would agree with Ad Hoc there is a significant difference. I am expressing an interest but I need more information before I can give you anything.

  7. swabbie

    swabbie Previous Member

    For all those that posted replies, to clarify what is required - we have a small manufacturing company that build besoke design boats and other craft to customer requirements. Although being just experienced simple boat builders and marine engineers - we are quite aware of the difference between a concept and developed design for construction

    Although we are busy and already 2012 started with a full years production orders we would like to develop a few simple designs we have worked with that may suit a low cost production assembly method of construction with the right approach.

    The several designs in mind are based on proven boats we have restyled above water line to suit various functions aimed at a particular niche market.

    These designs need to be reviewed, then hull calculations/revised including for EU CE class powered recreational boats under 12m cert. offshore 12miles and inshore operations by an NA with all dwgs (CAD) prepared so we can then prepare workshop production dwgs.

  8. The Loftsman
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    The Loftsman The Loftsman

    Hi Swabbie,
    Get in touch with people who can provide you with the help you require without getting to far into things, keep it simple and get in touch.

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