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Discussion in 'Fiberglass and Composite Boat Building' started by Ssharpsjc, May 10, 2003.

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    I'm looking for information about a company on the west coast that can make a 50 foot hull mold from CAD in a few weeks. I know the company exists but I cant seem to locate it. I believe it is in the Seattle area. This mold would be female with a part capacity of 4 to 6 parts.
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    Thanks, that was the right company.
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    Janicki: talk about a clever fellow...

    with that machine he could mill out an aircraft carrier if he had the file.
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    Man that is nice, We did it the hard way, Build the boat, make the mold from the boat.
    Sell the boat. Things change in 10 years
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    what is the cost for janicki to make a mould for a boat as such as this size, i was interested in creating a mould for a similar size motor yacht and would be interested in using their services, even though i am located in Australia


  7. Mikey

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    They charge by the area and shape complexity. Excluding modelling or any other computer work, they could take your ready to go cut file and cut a part for about $100 per square foot for a relatively simple hull. Lots of curves and complexity? Plan on $125 to $150. At least, that was the rough estimate I got.
  8. taobsu
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    shipping possible?

    I'm interested in hearing if it is possible to ship tooling across Pacific. You plan to load them on bulk freight? Does shipping cost defeat this approach?
    What range of cost we are talk about. Impact in shipping will damage they.


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