Question on Self Draining Hull

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by jparkes, May 9, 2005.

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    I own a 1998 Wellcraft 19 ft center console fiberglass hull boat. It seems to take on water very easily and I believe it has something to do with the drains under the bow hull. I don't have an owners manual, so I'm not sure how self draining hulls are meant to operate.

    Could anyone suggest what prroblem I may have, I'm guessing it's the front drains under the bow? I seem to take on water only while operating, and don't take on water if I sit still. I also wonder how self draining hulls operate?

    Any comments would be most helpful.

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    Thru Hulls

    Can you see the thru hull fittings from the inside of the boat? The terms I've heard are "self bailing" and "quick draining". They have to do with your cockpit, not the hull. Self bailing means that cockpit water will drain overboard without the aid of a pump. Quick draining is a European term which means it will happen at a certain rate and maybe your hatch lids have seals.

    If you're taking water into the hull while running inspect the thru hulls. Remove, inspect and re caulk with a good marine sealant. I know of a cheap, chrome looking plastic thru hull which had some sort or chemical reaction with the drain hose and the sea water rendering it brittle. Several broke off, resulting in the total loss of some boats.
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