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    Rig Construction Calculations, Page 181-182. There Is A Formula For Finding The Righting Moment. I Gather The 'dimensioning' Rm Ratio Simply Magnifies The Rm30 A Bit, Along With The Added Crew Rm. My Question Is: Where Does Larrson Come Up With The Added Crew Rm Formula??
    Any Input Would Be Greatly Appreciated
    Earl P
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    Are You using first edition of Larsson?
    If so, as I remember, the formula for righting moment is on page just before 'Rig Construction' section.
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    It is from Nordic Boat Standard 1990 as the whole calulation method.

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    Yeap. In the second edition (2000), Rig Construction begins at page 205. There is clearly stated the Nordic Boat Standard is used, instead of ABS or Lloyd's Register, as the NBS "is one of the few yacht scantling standards taht takes the rig into consideration" (sic.)

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