Quant 23 Foiler Scow

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Doug Lord, Jun 8, 2015.

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    I remember one recent thing I read about the Q23 commenting on there being issues with the directions it had to go in while foiling, thereby hinting at why it might not be winning races. It gave no concrete details though and I forget where I read it, but it was something linked to by Doug, probably in this thread (and it was written by one of the designers).
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    Skiffs in general become difficult to sail quite quickly in breeze if you're doing anything other than windward/leeward courses. The boats are designed for a narrow range of apparent wind angles and to be steered through gusts and lulls to maintain it. Sailing too square is hard work and not very fast, too deep is just slow.

    Foiling magnifies the effects. Since most video of Quant 23s foiling is in fairly light breeze and flat water, the only real way to tell if it's going up or down wind is whether or not the kite is up (and it may even work upwind in certain conditions, a la the foiling Nacra 17). That's because the apparent wind is in a very narrow range and the sail trim is quite similar for up and downwind, so it's hard to tell between footing a bit upwind or going for speed downwind.

    I expect the Quant does quite will on windward/leeward courses in breeze they can foil in, but in other types of race where they are restricted to sailing specific angles they are at a disadvantage. A foiling Moth is almost impossible to sail on a square reach in a gusty 20kn, and not much faster than an Opti dead down wind 4kn. So if you're forced to sail those angles by the course, you may be beaten by a well–sailed Laser (and thrashed by any other skiff). But in a steady 10 to 12kn they'll beat almost anything under 7m, regardless of the course (excepting kites of course).
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    Dominion 2-HW*---"A" rig fitted today. Modern version of a gaff allows for an upper outhaul which makes a big difference on a sail with a big head. Just need to finish the Trapeze Power Ballast System and she'll be ready to fly.
    * inspired by the Quant 23 foiling keelboat and by Dominion(1898)

    "A" Rig:
    D2 A rig 1st set up   12-19-2017 003.JPG

    "B/C" Rig:
    D2  8-11-16 012.JPG

  4. Doug Lord
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    Quant 23-4 modes:
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