PVC Pipes for water on boats

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by mydauphin, May 12, 2009.

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    Well looking on the bright side this is an opportunity for someone. What do you all think would be a good way to get what appears to be a desirable product into the states? It would seem to me that exporting it into the states from Mexico would be the hot ticket. Who knows what kind of red tape this entails?

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    Maybe, as I haven't found any internet site of a US company. It would be good to to ask Rotoplas. They are not stupid if there is an american market they would go in. They sell in all Latin America.

    Americans, seen from the mexican side and with a french eye, are curious "free traders". They are always imposing to sell in Mexico with no obstacles of any kind, but there are always difficulties when the Mexican want to sell in the States;
    The strawberries are found contaminated (it was proved later that the strawberries were contaminated in the States...) and that curiously just after the lobby of californian producers made some pressure over Washington, idem for the tomatoes, shrimps and too numerous examples.

    The last being about the right of Mexican trucks of entering in the States, after a lobbying by the american syndicate of truckers...Actually an harsh subject of discussion between the 2 governments, after the big problem of the american market of drugs fueling the Narcos cartels in Mexico. We are in a almost war in the north of Mexico here because of the insatiable demand of cocaine by the americans (8000 deads in 1.5 year... most of them killed with guns provided by american traffickers).

    So I would not be surprised that any american agency would find, at the contrary of the rest of the world, that the tuboplus is not safe or do not comply with the article 52 bis of the ruling of water pipes AJ1558 of the 25 of April 1952, not applicable to the american plastic pipe producers but applicable to the foreign producers specially mexican. (Joke!)

    You may expect some problems. "Too far from God, to close to the United States" said 130 years ago Porfirio Diaz (not a good guy), it seems always true.

    But surely I'm too pessimistic.
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    I wonder if pvc gets a good attachment with epoxy as well as polyester resin? Sounds like a good idea to use schedule 80 to resist cracking, trading off the weight gain. Hard banging boats would really shock load unsupported plumbing runs, especially for trailer boats. Supporting any horizontal lines by taping them to the hull would offer good support.
    I saw a rebuild of a skiff and the guy used some grey electrical / underground pvc I believe its a min. sched 80.
    Tuboplus (made under german licence) by the firm ROTOPLAS sounds awesome. Did Ilan Voyager say this was becoming the Mexican plumbing standard, or simply that he was replacing plumbing with it?
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    I wonder if Coast Guard or someone else would find a problem with installation PVC or CPVC because of fire and PVC Flammability?
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    It passes UBC and ICBO standards the Coast Guard will OK it. White PVC is OK for cold water. There is another color for Hot water. Either schedule 40 or 80 is OK. I go with 40 and they have many fittings for vibration, flex, etc. including foam sleeves.
    the CG will have special regs re: fuel tanks, venting, sump pumps, gas detectors, etc. and you can find these on their site under back yard boat builders.
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  7. mark775

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    The Americans Import tons of stuff from Mexico (what the hell are you talking about?)... but not this, that I can find. Pex is fantastic but big gray water pipes, etc., deserve Green Thread or similar (said, but I have some ABS in non-boat-sinking parts of my boat). Glassing PVC into a hull with poly has sunk boats. Using it as a mold for substantial glass to be threaded and valved is another story. It is but a mechanical bond and will delam with a whack.
    Strawberries? If a US grower complains to the FDA, or whoever - the agency has to act as it is their resposibility to do and have no obligation to consider a Mexican farmer's plight. Jeez, the agencies just try to address problems as put on their plate. Government agencies, as a rule, are not competent enough to be evil. The dude working there wants more benefits, first, pay raise second, and security in these times. California strawberies are the biggest, brightest, most beautiful things you can imagine that don't taste anything like a strawberry. This is one place where "organic" rules.
    I know it is the Mexican's favorite pastime Gritar "CONSPIRACY" every time something doesn't go their way but a fifth of the US is Mexican now so I don't think they all feel as you. Quit your conspiracy ********. (The trucks? Hope/Change just walked all over an international treaty to help pay off the damned Teamsters for voting for him - I'll give you that)
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    Keep cool, first I'm not mexican but a froggie (french) living in Mexico that's maybe worst, second I was half joking, half serious; I remember for example the authorization problems of the plane Corcorde (beginning of 70's) because an obscure fact of noise.

    I maintain that the US is a free trader when it's good for it, and preferably in the way US to Mexico. (the biggest part of Mexican exportation is made of goods made by US companies for the US market using the cheap mexican labor) The US accept the Chinese importations only because the Chinese are financing the enormous and colossal US debt. If the Chinese stop tomorrow of placing their financial savings in US bonds, the US is bankrupt. Read some solid economics analysis in books and mags.

    There is no conspiracy just facts. I do not give a s... of stupid conspiracy theories (Moon landing and others), and Mexican fatalism is a reality; complaining but not acting.

    Stubborn facts are Monroe doctrine for Latin America, 1847 war, 09/11/73 in Chile, Somoza, Noriega, Perez Jimenez, Videla, Stroessner, Kubitchek, Contras, Death Squadrons, Banana Republics, Panama, unfair economics...

    The proximity of the States, and the behavior of Mexican "elites" has killed any possibility of an independent industry in this country. Mexico had the potential to be the South Korea of North America.

    So the Mexicans produce cars for the Americans brands but have not national ones with cars adapted to the national market- irony of the story GM survives now in Mexico selling small Korean cars and the French carmakers have arrived...-, they produce oil and sell it to the US at preferential price but have to import the gas at highest price as they have not refineries, and I can multiply the examples.

    It's a consequence of imperialism as French did and do in Africa and English did in India. Just geopolitics. Economical imperialism is to buy cheaply primary goods and labor and to sell expensively manufactured goods and services.

    So I was half joking with that. But the the actual Narco almost war (9000 dead...) fueled by the US demand of drugs is not a joke...

    I have NOTHING against American people, as I have nothing against any people, I do not care of race, religion, nationality, sexual preferences or other, but I'm suspicious of US imperialism as of any imperialism.

    To come back to the Rotoplas tubing, it's having a great success because it's high quality stuff at good price. It's becoming a norm for condos.
    PVC has a rather good bond with epoxy.

  9. mark775

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    I agree completely... epoxy bonds well to PVC.
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