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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Sunshine-jiang, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Sunshine-jiang
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    Sunshine-jiang Junior Member

    Yacht Consultants Asia (HK) Ltd www.yca-hk.com

    We have a Chinese Client who is seriously interested in purchasing a reputable European (preferably Italian) Yacht Design company with the proven ability to create innovative motor and sailing yacht designs. Our Client has recently started a new 50,000m2 production yacht manufacturing plant near Shanghai and wants to enhance his investment.

    All offers will be kept confidential.

    If interested please contact info@yca-hk.com
  2. CTMD
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    CTMD Naval Architect

    Why would they buy a company? Why not just engauge one to design their boats
  3. joz
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    Maybe they don't want to pay for the fee's/royalty's for any designs? who knows.
  4. Landlubber
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    they are desparate for "provenance"....something seriously lacking in any Chinese yard....so the think they can simply "buy" it.....problem solved.

    The boats will be crap of course, un;ess western personell are allowed to control QC, including product sourcing, but the design provenance may suck some poor ******* into parting with his money before he realises what he has bought.
  5. amolitor
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    amolitor Junior Member

    This is almost certainly a scam.

  6. TeddyDiver
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    TeddyDiver Gollywobbler

    Yes! How can anyone even imagine Chinese company having funds to buy anything from western world... But again.. they propably have:p
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