Prototype cedar boat hull? Mold?

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by Cabinetguy74, Oct 30, 2017.

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    :eek: depending on what you really want to make of it, it is hard to say what you should do. But I'd rather see you scrap it than attempt to make a high-powered jet boat out of it. That won't work. Presumably as a cabinet-maker, you have made it solid enough to be readily adaptable for more sedate, low powered use.

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    He doesn't have a dwl, so it'd be tough to measure 14 degrees, so I threw him a range, but 5/16 won't do for the transom as you said.

    For the op, if you keep the panels intact; you might b able to convert this to a smaller hull design. I suggest He even has some stitch n glue designs where you could take your panels and twist them into a more suitable shape and put together with zip ties. None of the smaller vessels are super expensive and they'd be glad to help you with conversion, if possible.

    Personally, with the cedar; I would have spent hours at the lumberyard to find clears. You go in without a purchase bill and tell them you are looking for clears for a boat and write the order after selection. You won't find knot free, but you would find clear sections, and you throw away knots n defects n buttjoin or scraf in smaller sections (from defects).

    Check out the FS14, stitch n glue on bateau. Hull form very similar to what you built. You'll see he gave it a max hp rating of 15. I think you could convert your scrapped panels to that boat, but ask them first if they'd allow the boat in 5/16 b n c before you pay for the plan.
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