Prosurf: Combining hard and soft chine

Discussion in 'Software' started by Willallison, Jan 21, 2003.

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    Playing about with the demo of Prosurf and I'm wondering how best to go about producing a hull which is hard chined near the transom then soften into a rounded chine further forward.....

    Any suggestions?
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    Found it!

    Below is a quote from New Wave Systems website

    Pretty good stuff this program :D
    MaxSurf has a better userinterface, but Steven has implemented some great stuff in his program. I wish I could afford them both :rolleyes:

    3. Combination polyline and curve entities

    ProSurf avoids these problems by allowing a "curve" entity to consist of both polyline and curve segments.  (Note that this is not done by doubling up on knot values or vertex values.)  Each edit point that defines the combined entity includes an indicator that says whether it is acurvefit point or a polyline knuckle point.  This means that the user doesn't have to worry about connecting or splitting separate curve or polyline entities.  If you want to change an edit point to/from a curvefit point from/to a polyline point, you just have to pick the point with the knuckle (toggle) command.  You can even create one of these combo curve-polylines by picking the input positions using the 'c' (curve) or the 'k' (knuckle) keys. 
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