propulsion nozzle for VERY shallow water..

Discussion in 'Props' started by Ron Bombadil, Oct 21, 2012.

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    Hi from Germany.
    I am a little physicist and currently need to make my little house boat ready for the next winter journey...

    This time i would like to have a propulsion system.. that can also be used as an electric generator..
    As the boat has a footprint of about 2 square meters it only goes about 5cm = 2 inches below the water line.

    These green housings are formed generally in the shape of truncated cones that lift the water above the water line, so the 20cm propellers only go 10cm below the water line...

    There would also be a grid inside the nozzles to guide half of the water to the upper half of the props..

    might work.. but do not really know if it is worth the extra work..

    ideas welcome :)

    alias Ron Bombadil

    ps. This is NOT a jet drive.

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