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Discussion in 'Wooden Boat Building and Restoration' started by Joe Winkler, May 23, 2007.

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    I have a 1934 wood yawl -- 43 ft LOA, 13 ft beam, sling weight 40,000 lbs. The surveyor said I should replace my wood masts with aluminum. Here is my question -- I have the opportunity to buy a wood mast from an Owens Cutter. I looked up the Owens -- same length but weight is 26,000 lbs. My old wood mast was 50 ft. (actual length). The Owens mast is 50 ft (actual length). My old wood mast was round, 11 inch diameter, tapered to 6 inches at top, with a single spreader. The Owens mast is dual spreader (other specs below).

    Here are the spec's on the Owens mast --

    The mast and boom are sitka spruce and all fittings are original Owens bronze castings or stainless steel. The standing rigging is stainless and is in excellent condition however, the age is unknown. The mast was completely sanded and refinished in 1999, but needs to be redone again. The boom has been stored inside since refinishing and is in even better condition, however, has a slight twist due dehydration of the wood. All seams are tight and there is no sign of delamination. Measurements of the mast are:

    Base: 7-1/2" x 5-3/4"

    To deck from base: 75"

    To gooseneck from base: 172"

    To 1st spreader from base: 267"

    To 2nd spreader from 1st spreader: 178-3/4"

    To masthead from 2nd spreader 153-34"

    Masthead (spar only): 5"x4"

    Overall length is 50'

    The mast step is steel

    I am concerned that the Owens mast is too thin for my needs. Can anybody help? What size mast should I use? My sails are for a 50' mast -- so I am stuck on that length (or greater).
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    Yep, that Owens stick is too light for the job.

    If you post what the stick needs (sail area in main and jib, gaff or head angle and length, amount of roach, foot and luff type, etc.) I can tell you what size is adequate for your boat, for different uses (heavy cruiser, through light racer), with different materials (spruce, fur, etc.) and with different stave thicknesses.
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    50 ft Owens Cutter Mast

    Thanks, Par, for your input. I was fairly certain that the Owens Cutter mast was too light for my boat.

    I will measure my sails and post the information for your review.

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