Propellor for pedal powered catamaran

Discussion in 'Props' started by Tiny Turnip, Mar 31, 2008.

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    That's okay, but good to know.

    You may want to bump the RPM up then.

    800 - 1000 even.

    Nice you have some gearing to adjust with.

    The younger ones will likely have an "easier" ratio than the bigger "kids" :)

    You may want to look at the flex shaft in the pedal powered boats thread.

    A 3/8" (9.5mm) spring steel would probably do it, and you don't need a strut!!

    Hard to believe but it is self locating and easily retrievable in shallow water.

    A straight shaft would work too but you'd have to make the gearbox pivot in order to retrieve/raise the prop.

    Remember, pictures.
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    How'd it go Sunday?

    Are the tandems identical or at least with the same gearing?
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    Hello Darren...
  4. Submarine Tom

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    Just got a PM from Darren:

    They won the race.

    He may post some pictures soon.
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    Angle-grinder gearboxes are 'the secret'::rugged & cheap [free] with a cluster of sprokets & a big chain-wheel, driven by two out-of-phase chain-linked pedal-sets. Trunnion mounted to raise//lower the prop=shaft.You can change ratios to suit the prop/pitch or headwind. I've been working on HUMAN-POWERED PUMPS for a long time as is revealed on>forums~~>water~~> challenge~ONETONPUMP the principles are the same [in Australia]
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    Welcome to the forum.

    You are not at all clear.

    Do you have pictures?

    Model numbers?

    Part numbers?


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    Hi Tom et Al, glad to be aboard,this is my topic//interest,been doing it for longtime. has pictures & a bit, has a long 'bloggy-waffle' & explains some details,even a bit on Blogspot as onetonpump.
    I'm a sailor, since a child,now ticketed MM,work on boats in many ways.
    Passionate about water,from surfing to pumping & particularly the interaction between human power & pushing liquid up & overboard from flooded vessels~ie. making a BETTER BILGE-PUMP which I have done to proof-of-concept prototype stage.
    It works better than I had hoped.
    The essence is spinning a prop//impeller::how I have done this is obscurely described in the above & I'' try to be clear.
    Most anglegrinders have a ratio 3 or more to one,usually the rotor is burned out;cut it to get about 5cm of shaft;spiral cut the windings with a hacksaw & reveal the shaft,make a sleeve coupling to the pumpshaft//propshaft,average shaft is about 1cm diameter.I use 1.2cm pumpshaft.
    Where the grinder disc was make an adaptor to take a cluster of sprokets from a bike [preferably a 5 sproket cluster to limit the overhang & in my case to fit within the 1.5 decimeter [dm][[let's talk metric please]] trunnion mount [a fork with holes aligned with the horizontal/input shaft] I use 14-18 tooth sprokets which allows for 5 speeds:: this is driven by a 100 tooth chainwheel,bolted to a bike axle//pedals,which in turn is connected by bike=chain to another pedals 90* out-of-phase.
    This is the 2-man pedal "PELOTON MODEL" I also have one man hand-crank using tooth belt drive. I'm looking for a new workspace just now ~ previous lease expired.
    The video is in the can.
    100/14 X 3.3 =23.5 is the ratio for max output RPM,I use a slightly lower ratio #15 or#16 sproket & it runs well [an old run-in set of gears is better than new.]
    With a pump this allows for torque/speed variations with different head//flow.
    I currently have two impellers high & low pitch.
    You can adapt this layout to a prop in your cat;ideally with a variable pitch prop.
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    What video?

    Ya, words are confusing to me.

    Can you provide links as I didn't see much of what your talking about.

    Perhaps you want to get that organized and start a new thread.
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    Yes confusion reigns;I will keep trying to clarify. for pictures, which also will confuse most,but the essence is I have made an effective,functional "HUMAN POWERED WATER LIFTING DEVICE" [UN terminology] the mechanism spins a prop, which is this thread.
    International Human Powered Vehicle Association.Org[onetonpump] has an equally confusing 'chatter',which has enough info for some elucidation.In this I've explained what I'm doing & where I'm coming from ~which is a sinking boat & a lifelong ambition to make a muscle driven low-lift water pump,specifically for removing bilge water & also the myriad uses for a machine like this,which can lift a ton a minute up a meter for one=man-input or two meter lift with two men of average fitness.
    The video is on disc,but I'm not satisfied with it so soon I'll remake it better,that's the plan,however with a bit of editing I may post on u-tube or here.That will dispell some confusion.Meantime look at the website
    Let me know if this makes sense.

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    dazza73, sorry to bring this thread up after many years. But I am modifying a rowing boat to make it pedalable and would be interested in seeing pictures of your connection between the pedals and the propeller.

    All the best!
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    Pedal-Pusher= = =

    The clue is to have the pedals sliding along the sole [floor], rotating like a bike puts the pusher too high,even the reciprocation rockers like the Hobie levers arn't right.
    Keep on guessing?

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