Propellers on all sides?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by MaisieI, Oct 10, 2019.

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    I’m entering a competition to build a boat and the brief says to deliver humanitarian aid. One member of my team suggested having propellers on each side to eliminate the need for turning since the course we need to go through is tight. I wondered if there was a reason that you don’t really see this design? Is there a logistical issue or is it just not useful for any normal purposes? Either way I thought this forum probably has the best people to ask.
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    You do see it, they are called thrusters. Modern ships that have to be maneuverable usually have tunnel thrusters forward, and azimuthing main propulsion aft.
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    A single prop and rudder, or an outboard would be more efficient than side props.
    Can you post the rules?

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    It is not clear to me what the constraints of the course are. For a small boat with a single prop and rudder it is not too difficult to maneuver it in such a way as to turn around within it's own length so I am having difficulty imagining a course that would require anything unusual.

    The only boats I can think of that have "propellers" on the sides are paddle wheelers and row boats.

    Ferry boats often have propellers and rudders at both ends, that eliminates their need for turning around when leaving or reaching their docks.
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