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Discussion in 'Props' started by NavArch007, Nov 3, 2009.

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    Hi everyone,

    Ive been working on this project for 40m crewboat vessel. The situation is as follows:
    Vessel spec:
    L=40m, B=7.2m, T=1.75m
    Design point: 21knots at 180tonn displacement.

    The vessel has a restricted propeller diameter of 1.1m due to hull clearance. So to produced the required speed, 3 propeller were necessary. Unfortunately, the gearbox ratio chosen cannot be altered due to space constrictions and a gearbox ratio of 2.95 was already chosen. Also, the vessel will have 3 engines producing 1400bhp at 2300rpm.

    To make the propulsion unit more efficient, the shaft angle was increase from 8 to 10 degrees in order to accomodate a larger propeller; and now it is possible to fit a 1.35 m diameter propeller.

    I would be interested to hear any comment and suggestions and also if possible, some calculation on expected operating rpm, BAR and pitch ratio to compare with my results. I have found that for 4 bladed 1.35m diameter:

    BAR=0.85, P/D=1.005, at an rpm of 530.

    I have been using Autopwr program. Any suggestions regarding a good propeller design program for personal use at a reasonable price.

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    baeckmo Hydrodynamics

    First of all, how did you arrive at 530 shaft rpm? In my book 2300/2.95=779.7!

    That is the primary dimensioning rpm. Your Froude nr (by volume) is 1.4 and she has a slenderness ratio of ~6.5 depending on WL length. This means that there should be no hump to worry about, the top speed is actually head-on the little hump there is. All provided there are no special "tricks" in hull design. In this case propellers must primarily be selected to satisfy either of two basic conditions:

    A/ Max power-max speed,
    B/ Cruising condition, added resistance due to weather conditions, allowable continuous power output.

    I guess your speed estimate of 21 knots is referring to condition "A"? What's cond "B" like?
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    thanks for your reply baeckmo.

    The design is basically a conversion of a previous vessel. The previous designer had opted for a gearbox ratio before specifying the propeller rpm!

    When i looked at the design, i thought that to get the best out of our propeller, we would need a bigger gearbox ratio; however such a procedure would not be possible due to space restriction on the vessel which would not enable it to accomodate a bigger gearbox.

    Condition B is 130ton displacement at 25knot.
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    pamarine Marine Electrician

    Wouldnt "B" be below "A" in terms of speed and heavier in terms of displacement?

    Just reading the post here I would guess the speed for "B" to be in the 18 knot area but not sure what the displacement would be (add passengers, fuel, stores, etc)
  5. apex1

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    You misunderstood baeckmo.
    Condition B is at the same displacement, but continous (always lower) speed.

    And gearbox dimension is not necessarily related to ratio! The ratio can be choosen within a certain range in the same housing!

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    Here is our results
    * 4 Bladed Wageningen B
    Diameter 49.00 inç
    Pitch 48.00 inç
    Dar = % 80.74
    Speed = 26.00 knot
    Price MnAlBrz 7450 Euro
    * 4 Bladed Master
    Diameter 45.81 inç
    Pitch 47.00 inç
    Dar = % 95.07
    Speed = 26.00 knot
    Price MnAlBrz 7580 Euro

    Oktay Çemberci

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    conceptia Naval Architect

    hey navarch, just download and try the latest version of freeship @
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