Propeller Design for Ka4-70

Discussion in 'Props' started by ascial, Jul 9, 2022.

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    Hey everyone!
    I have a question about creating Ka4-70 profile:

    I am using OpenProp to create Ka4-70 profiles but I dont understand how I can calculate some data.
    For example; I need c/D and t0/D ratios but I did not find anywhere. Could you please share me these datas?
    I found Ka4-70 datasheet but I dont know how I can calculate. I am adding this datasheet.

    Thanks in advance.

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    What is "c" in your post? The cord?
    What is t(zero)?
    As far as I read the prop chart, everything is there. Perhaps you need to go review the concepts; instead of just looking for it spelled out for you.
  3. ascial
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    ascial Junior Member


    c is chord lenght, c/D is chord to diameter ratio at XR
    t0 is thickness, t0/D is thickness / diameter at XR

  4. baeckmo
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    baeckmo Hydrodynamics

    As JHM said, it's all there, but it may be a lingo problem; the "chord" is not tabulated as such, but it mentions "section length". Now study the document carefully and make a handsketch of a section, say the 60% radius, calculating the ordinate values manually and plot likewise. Software is useful only if you understand the basics!
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