Propco Prop Efficiency Gains

Discussion in 'Props' started by jhutches, Jul 18, 2009.

  1. jhutches
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    jhutches New Member

    Has anyone worked with the new Propco Slingshot props? They are designed by Peter Dean and he has a pretty good reputation. I do not know enough about them to make a determination.

    But they swear they will give you a 40% gain in gas mileage over a cupped prop design. This sounds a little far fetched.

    Anyone know if this is for real?


  2. powerabout
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    powerabout Senior Member

    No I dont, sounds interesting, like to know more.
    His web site doesnt have the hyper link on 'slingshot'?
    Last time i spoke to Peter has was OEM ing some props for Merc.
    As an accomplished racer he knows what he is talking about.
    40% doesnt sound right
    (He had the Propco business in Melb OZ before he moved to the states thats how I met him.)
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