Prop Size For Homemade Mud Motor

Discussion in 'Props' started by muddin redneck, Dec 16, 2009.

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    muddin redneck DO IT IN THE MUD!!!

    :confused: I am wanting to know what the experienced think. I am building a go devil type mud motor from a 24hp honda the go devil web site says it uses a 9x6 prop, can i put on a bigger prop and get more speed/power? how big would be to big? This is a direct drive system. I dont want to bog down the engine with too big of a prop but I thought I might be able to go with a bit larger prop. I am also going to build a direct drive mud motor from a 13hp engines and was wonder what would be the biggest prop I could put on it? For a reference go devil uses a 8x4 on a 9hp and a 9x3 on a 16hp. Would a 3 blade prop be better than a 2 blade prop?

    Thanks any help would be greatly appreciated,
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