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Discussion in 'Props' started by antimattercrusader, Dec 29, 2017.

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    I am new to the forum so apologize if this is in the wrong section! Anyway, I have a small business building unmanned boats for survey use. Typically, I use trolling motors or ROV thrusters for propulsion and it works quite well, but for this project I need something with a bit more power. I need to propel a ~60lb 1.5m flat bottom boat to around 8-9 knots. Doesn't sound too hard - but trolling motors lack the RPM range and propeller pitch, no affordable thrusters exist for this speed. So, I've built motor pods using a custom potted brushless motors, mounting tab made from plate aluminum welded to a pipe, and 3D printed hydrodymanic cover/mounting hardware.

    Each pod has around a 2kw (2-3hp) output with a max RPM of around 7000. (Theoretically, of course RPM varies with load)

    Unfortunately, I am not getting much speed at all out of this setup. Only about 3.5 knots @ 50a/1.4kw. While I had an issue with motor timing resulting in not achieving anywhere near top RPM - I feel it wasn't severe enough to justify the lack of performance. I am wondering if the fault is the propeller - The first one I tried is a Young's T-5W (Young's Die-Cast Aluminum Trolling Motor Props for Byrd & Lazytrol Electric Trolling Motors My guess is this propeller has too shallow of a pitch for this type of setup. Does anyone have any thoughts - and any idea of what type of prop I should use?

    I went ahead and ordered one of these to try: but feel the diameter is a bit large.

    Anyway, any input is greatly appreciated, especially with respect to propeller choice.

    P.S. This boat is equipped with voltage/current/power consumption sensors, so I don't risk burning anything up by over propping.
    PPS: This boat has two of these motor pods. It should be way overpowered.

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    Maybe you should try outboard propellers.
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    At what RPM are you looking to run the motor? 7000 RPM is far too high for efficient operation. At 2500 RPM, the optimal diameter is probably about 6".
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    If you can get RPM's down to between 500 and 1000, model airplane props are great.
    Especially the adjustable pitch ones available.

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    How'd it go?
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