promoting Shipyards internationally.

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    Dear Sirs.
    We have built many advanced vessels in Europe and in China.In order to improving our newbuilding offers, we are in regular contact with the most important shipyards around the world. - We can work out newbuilding projects & shipyards, for building your ship at very competetive prices.SHIPYRD SHIPBUILDING .
    Our firm specialises in the following areas:1 It is solely responsible for:
    1. promoting Shipyards internationally.
    2. the pre-contract stage (pre-offer and final offer).
    3. the contract stage (negotiation and preparation of the shipbuilding contract).
    1 Our SHIP DESIGN STUDIO undertakes to support the shipyard throughout the offer process by providing preliminary contract plans, the ship's pre-study and the technical specifications' report. Additionally, our studio provides guidance to the shipyard through production planning and supports it with industrial construction plans for the ship, as well as with detailed production and quality control processes. It collaborates with international Classification Societies as regards certification of the production output, and solves any problems that may occur during the shipbuilding project.
    2 Our studio also collaborates with specialist consultancies for tax, market research, costing and insurance issues, and is responsible for adapting potential investors' projects to bring them in line with European Union legislation and regulations.
    Staff- Roles: There are 4 key people in the team, fulfilling the roles listed below:
    1 Naval architect
    2 Mechanical Engineer
    3 Financial Analyst
    4 IT Engineer
    Certification: The Shipyard is certified to the CE standard by all European Shipping Registers and is compliant with the ISO quality standards set by EU for the shipbuilding industry.
    Core Business Activity: SHIPBUILDING CONTRACTOR The Shipyard possesses the required experience (know-how) and the capability to build the following types and sizes of craft:
    1 Fishing Vessel Types
    o Stern trawlers (25-45m / with frozen blocks)
    o Purse Seiners (25-45m / with frozen blocks)
    o Tuna Longliners (25-40m / with frozen blocks)
    o Bottom Longliners (25-40m / with frozen blocks)
    o Mid-water Longliners (30-40m / with frozen blocks)
    o Shrimp Vessel (25-30m / with frozen blocks)
    o Squid Vessel (30-40m / with frozen blocks)
    2 Tugboat Types
    o Ocean-going and salvage tugs (45m)
    o Coastal tugs (35m)
    o Harbour tugs (25-30m)
    o Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS)
    o Pusher Tug (for pushing barges)
    3 Cargo Ship Types
    BULK CARGO (300 - 2000 dwt / 40 - 90m)
    o Custom cereal/grain carriers (equipped with pneumatic pumps)
    o General bulk cargo carriers (equipped with cranes or derricks)
    GENERAL CARGO (300 - 2000 dwt / 40 - 90m)
    o Custom timber carriers (equipped with cranes or derricks)
    o Standard general cargo carriers (equipped with cranes or derricks)
    4 Daily Cruise Ships (40-60m)
    5 Ferry Boats (40-60m)
    6 Mini Fast Ferries (70m, Catamaran or monohull)
    7 Barges
    o Self-propelled barges
    o Towed barges
    8 Landing craft (35-60m)
    Shipyard, Installations and Equipment:
    b) Size: The shipyard is built on 8000 m2 of wholly owned land.
    c) Installations:
    9 Hangars for construction materials.
    10 Hangars for mechanical equipment,
    11 Production management offices.
    12 Hangars for plate cutting.
    d) Mechanical equipment:
    13 Two tower cranes (hoisting capability: 150 tons each)
    14 One tower crane (hoisting capability of 70 tons)
    15 Forklift with a hoisting capability of 10 tons
    16 Brake press (150 tons)
    17 Hydraulic press (500 tons)
    18 Steel cutting machine
    19 Welding machine (melting)
    20 Gas welding machine
    21 Arc-flame welding machine
    22 X-ray weld quality control machine
    23 Small machinery (used for steel bending and cutting)
    24 Furniture- and general fitment-making machinery
    e) Launch berth:
    There are no permanent launch berths in the Shipyard. For each new shipbuilding project, a custom cradle is built for the ship's ********, according to the hull's dimensions and the project's requirements. The type used by the Shipyard is the canted shipbuilding cradle (5.5% - 6.5%). It consists of a sturdy floor, built as an iron bar frame along the ship's length which is equipped with temporary scaffolding, and supported with electrical power for the welding machinery, as well as with oxygen and acetylene pipework for the gas flame cutting machines.
    f) Slipway:
    The slipway is located behind the ******** cradle. It is made of strong longitudinal iron bars along which slide the floor and structure that support the ship. The combined construction is pulled along by powerful hydraulic winches.
    Staff and Key Roles: 35 permanent employees (max. 50 employees, depending on
    workload), fulfilling the following key roles:
    1 Hydraulic Press Operator
    2 Power Brake Operator
    3 Router drill, Shaper and Saw Operator
    4 Machinist
    5 Special Machines Operator
    6 Mill Machine Operator
    7 Sheet Metal Worker
    8 Spray Painters
    9 Precision Sub-Assembler
    10 Weld Operator
    11 Furniture Makers and Outfitters

    Dear Sirs.
    Are you in need of professional seafarers of all ranges?
    We will gladly help you! Russian crew for all vessel types.
    Please contact us without delay.
    With hope for the future to continue our good co-operations.

    Salichev Konstantin
    Managing Director
    Company.Sea Gate.Ltd.
    st.Pobeda 23/104.Lomonosov

    Yacht sale. Name:Dina
    Type:American Schooner
    Length:66 feet
    Beam: 15.30 feet
    Cabins: 4WC:4
    Passengers: 11 persons
    Engine: 2 x 90 HP (Mercedes)
    Material of construction:
    Wood and GRP
    Certificate of Nationality:
    Greece - 2004 - CE
    Year: 2003
    Price: 210.000 Euros
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