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    PROJECT DETAILS - Steel hull Trawler Yacht built in 1995. It is 56 ft -long,
    16 ft. beam and 6-7 ft. draft. It has a pair of 471 Detroit engines and a pair of 10 KW generators. Engines are now running. Engines where pickled, gens are presumed toast) No major hull damage. The gentleman who had it built became ill and never took it out. So it was never away from the dock. In October 2006 it was tied to another boat in a work area and that boat sank taking this one with it - in FRESH WATER.

    I have now bought this boat and require a excellent, trusty and talented boat handyman - come jack of all trades - to assist in the repairs and modifications being -

    1. CARPENTRY - tackle everything from new headliners, marine hardwood decking, simple trim details, to salvaging repairing and/or replacing built-in cabinetry.

    2. ELECTRICAL – repairs, salvaging, rewiring, install - AC system, bilge pumps, shore power, installing integrated navigational electronics package, and systems installations - such as those for alternator, inverter/charger, and gensets, solar and wind power installation.

    3. MECHANICAL - although the 2 x 471 Detroit engines are now running additional repairs and maintenance will be needed, therefore the Handyman should be capable of replacing, repairing, and refitting engines, running gear, plumbing and electrical systems, and any other serviceable boat part or system in need of trouble shooting. may also require a little welding.


    The work is preferably full-time for approx 2 or 3 months TBC (or part-time considered) on a self employed contractor basis with a duration until completed (job would also suit a recent retiree)

    Handyman should have own tools and transport. All materials however will be supplied.

    Handyman should be skilled in 3 out of the 4 skill sets listed above.

    Good Cash Payments for work performed can either be paid fortnightly on hourly rate or lump sum on milestones or on project completion

    The boat will be on the hard in a DIY yard from Saturday 3rd March in Freeport Texas. For out of towners modest motel accommodation can be provided free of charge for project duration.

    Examples of previous work and references will be followed up.

    Contact me by email: paul.parham(at)

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