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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by JCD, Dec 26, 2007.

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    Hello all...

    Not sure if this should be here.

    I have seen many ways to estimate build costs and with their own "1/3" percentages. Can anyone shed some light on something that is generally accepted and somewhat accurate whether it is based on displacement or LOA? Also, what kind of reduction factors are used for full fit cruisers to bare bones raft?

    I use this currently: ((Displ in Tons^3))*(Sq. Ft. Areas)*1.33 for Incidentals. I
    The reason I'm having difficulty with this is because a vessel built in wood 30 years ago could in no way cost the same for a sistership in carbon, or glass or wood today. Is there a trade cost estimate?

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    You must have made a fortune...even 30 years ago:eek:

    What you asked for is a trade secret amongst builders and everyone tries to get a piece of the cake so to speak - more so in the steel boat category where the market is much smaller.

    However, I will part with my secret.
    I start with a bare hull and deck, ready for fitting out. For this I calculate the materials carefully, labor, consumables and overhead and add a little for leeway and this is my price for the bare bone package.
    If it is a basic sail-a-way version, I had found from MY experience and building tempo that the H & Deck represents about 18 to 20% of the basic sail-a-way price. Add a little again for leeway and you have a really honest and accurate estimate to tender on for the basic sail-a-way.
    OK, some boat builders / designers will tell you a bare H&D represents only 10 - 12% of completed cost but I personally do not accept that figure. Perhaps I should and rip clients off:D

    JCD, the trick is to get an honest bare H&D price you feel comfortable with and work from there. Or price the boat bit by bit.

    As for quick formulas, some based on displacement*this*that/******** costs a few builders a nice boat to build recently and I now have the honor to build it, make a nice bit of money in the process myself and most importantly, my client is on cloud nine having a good boat at a reasonable price....
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    JCD Follow the Bubbles!

    LOL...yes, I suppose I would have been rich by now.:D

    Okay. Let me see if I get this straight.

    1. Bare hull and deck shell, labor, consumables and overhead, soup to nuts and ready for fit out...18 to 20% of sail away.

    What percent of that would you attribute to labor, consumables and overhead for estimating the rest of the 82 to 80%?

    Let me ask you if I may so that I can compare how much error exists in the formula I have.

    What is the LOA, square feet of all areas of H&D bare and displacement of Tempo if you know these?

    Thanks again for your candor,

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