Professional builders wanted for 38ft sailing catamaran

Discussion in 'Fiberglass and Composite Boat Building' started by Richard Woods, Feb 3, 2015.

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    Richard Woods Woods Designs

    I am also posting a link to this on the multihull forum

    I have a potential, but very serious, order for a new 38ft Transit catamaran, see here

    and here

    See some other videos on my Woods Designs youtube channel

    The problem is the current UK builder has two Transits in build right now and has run out of shed space. The new prospect wants his boat in May 2016. So we need to find a new builder/shed, preferably in SW England

    Whoever it is must have built moulded foam sandwich multihulls before

    Please contact me in the first instance and I will pass on your details to the existing builders. For the right person this could be a long term commitment as I have other moulds and designs that just need a builder, I can supply plenty of customers and of course have full plans and instructions, plus designer back up and support as required

    Thank you

    Richard Woods of Woods Designs
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    Dear Mr. Woods

    I am building boats in Yemen for last 20 years mostly for Yemen navy .
    am from srilanka alos I work start boat building there 86 and also work in Dubai . So I like to build your boat here in Yemen but the situation in the country is not safe for the project I also planing to go out and start some thing so if u interest we can start this in Srilanka my home country. we can find cheap labour . can arrange the Yard for rent or we can have one .we can import our material from Dubai for good price. let me know

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