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    Production Manager

    Fibreglass Production Boats

    Atomix Boats is a New Zealand owned boat manufacturer committed to providing a range of top quality boats to International markets. With offshore manufacturing facilities in China, Atomix has distribution to several International markets.

    As part of ongoing expansion Atomix Boats are now seeking the skills of an experienced production manager to assist with the production of both existing and new models of fibreglass boats.

    The successful applicant will need to be motivated, experienced in all areas of fibreglass boat manufacture and have very high quality standards.
    As Production Manager responsibilities will include:

    - Production management including direction and assignment of staff duties
    - Overseeing the development of new models including plug and mould making
    - Quality Assurance
    - On going staff development
    - Building positive relationships with staff
    - Factory tours for international guests
    The successful applicant will have the following skills and attributes.
    - Production boat building experience
    - Practical experience in plug and mould development and maintenance
    - Experience supervising teams in a production environment
    - Proven ability to work under pressure, and meet production targets.
    - A strong quality ethic to meet the needs of our quality focused customers
    - Sound knowledge of quality systems.
    This is an exciting opportunity for the right person to make a difference with a young, exciting company with potential limited only by our ability to service International demand. If you would like to learn more about Atomix Boats please visit us online at or for further information email . A competitive Salary and Bonus package will be negotiated dependant on the applicants previous experience and qualifications. Apply today to be part of this fantastic journey.

    This position is initially for a period of 6 months with the potential for ongoing opportunities. As this position is based in China the ability to obtain any necessary visa’s and work permits is essential. Assistance in obtaining these is available.

    Further skills including electrical, mechanical, engineering would be an advantage.

    Applications will be accepted via email to
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