problems lading new in.mlt file into michlet

Discussion in 'Software' started by Patrick Brink, Jul 6, 2011.

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    Hi all,

    I'm new to the forum and boat design software. I may be running before I can walk but for interest and to learn what I need to learn, I've been trying to create a few hulls in Freeship and test them in Michlet.

    I haven't gotten too far. I export from Freeship saving as in.mlt then replace the in.mlt file in the Michlet folder with the exported file (as instructed by a previous post on this forum). Michlet then fails to load, after selecting run in the pop up window I get a quick flash of the command prompt screen then nothing. If I replace the in.mlt with the original file that comes with the program Michlet loads again.

    I can't find any help in the manual, on this forum or with Google. Any help could save me hours of frustration and wasted time. Sorry if this is basic stuff.

    Patrick Brink

    PS. If there is another program out there that could give me some data on resistance at various speeds that is easier for someone used to an intuitive GUI, or just a little easier to learn, please let me know.
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