Problem with modeling a compartment in Maxsurf

Discussion in 'Software' started by ldigas, Mar 3, 2014.

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    Please, can anyone guess what could be the cause of the following problem?

    The hull is modeled with four simple surfaces; a transom, an extruded, but opened on top hull surface, a fore surface cutting the hull surface at an angle, and a deck surface.

    I'm trying to model an aft compartment, which lies between the shell and the aft transversal bulkhead (one bulkhead that has two sides, S and Portside).

    Upon adding a "new room", I've checked the boundary surfaces, set the aft and fore limits (0.01 and 1.65meters, just inside the hull, as per recommendation in the manual), added the port and starboard limits (-8 and 8 meters, respectively) and got the situation as shown on the picture.

    That gave me "the box", a little bigger than the compartment (see lower bottom triangle).

    Upon clicking "Recalculate tanks and compartments" the aft and fore limits go to 1.649 and 1.65 (long. position of the transversal bulkhead), and the compartment "dissapears".

    Can any experienced Maxsurf users maybe guess what could be the cause of the problem? Or more likely, what am I doing wrong? :)

    Reading through the manual, but so far, I've found little that describes this behaviour. My coleague isn't here and won't be for the better part of the week.

    The only idea that occurs was that I should've modelled it as two compartments (P and Starboard) and then combined those columes, but that wasn't how I understood modeling compartments from the manual nor the presentation we had.

    Kind regards, and greetings to all
    (been a while since I've visited these forums, but glad to see some familiar names again :)


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    Whoops - Stability and Software both start with an "S". You may get more replies if this post gets re-zoned under Software.
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