Problem with Documented vessel and Campbell Yachts

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by SolomonGrundy, Feb 9, 2019.

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    SolomonGrundy I'm not crazy...

    Gonzo, none of those links worked for me...any way you can grab me a screen shot?
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    SolomonGrundy I'm not crazy...

    Well...not much has changed, the hang up in documenting her now is that they want an Original Builder's Certificate signed by the builder or someone who worked there at the 1976. Campbell Yachts has been out of business for idk how long...maybe 40 years? It is quite possible mine is the last boat they ever built. Of course the USCG doesn't give a's all about the paperwork for them. There is possibly an option for a Waiver of Evidence of Build, but the catch 22 is that I have to come up with "competent and persuasive evidence" that the boat was built IN Santa Ana, CA BY Campbell Yachts.
    ANY help on how I can go about this is still greatly appreciated...maybe even worth a fishing trip.

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    Yes. Stop dealing with the clerk and ask to speak to the Manager. That is the same advice I gave to people facing the same problem while I worked in the Coast guard Office of Boating Safety. These low level people only know what the book says to do. They don't exercise any common sense. You can't produce what doesn't exist. Take it to a higher level until you get to someone who can exercise some discretion and make a common sense decision. If that gets you nowhere contact your local Representative or Senator and have them tell the Coast Guard to get off the pot. And that's a former Coast Guard Officer and bureaucrat telling you that.

    And write a letter or call the below, explaining the situation:

    Vice Admiral Linda L. Fagan
    Commander Pacific Area.
    USCG Island
    Alameda CA
    Phone: (510) 437-3522

    By the way she's the 4th or 5th ranking person in the Coast Guard. If she or her staff can't help you then only God can.
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    Yup, as I said early on

    " In EVERY case of an apparent bureaucratic impasse, I have found that "engaging with the enemy" will produce a solution. You need to put all supporting documents together with your own story, and march into the "Maritime Documentation Center", and ask higher and higher pay-grades for a solution. Just be nice, and appear sincere and insist that there must be "some way" to overcome the problem, and "maybe their supervisor will be able to suggest a course of action".

    It may end up being a stroke of the pen from the Department Head after a lot of hard yards. Despite the conspiracy theorists, most regulations have a reason for existing, and if you have encountered an unforeseen "blockage", you are doing your civic duty to get a solution developed."

    Don't forget the supporting paperwork. They cant approve a verbal story.
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    Oh common, the state did not just stumbled upon that boat. There is enough paperwork on it to satisfy every clerk on the planet. You just have to find it, and the place to start is in the state archive. You should be able to get hold of the original building plans, bill of sale, etc.
    If you don't know how to find those things hire someone who knows how to search archives.
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    Agree with Ike. Reach out to the USCG. It's quite clear local state officials can't keep an inventory of their own vessels (even retired vessels). That's pretty sad.

    Congrats on taking her on and giving her a 2nd opportunity to sail once again!

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    SolomonGrundy I'm not crazy...

    Thanks all for the thoughtful advice.
    I will take it and keep you posted.
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