problem in MAXSURF quick-start menu v19

Discussion in 'Software' started by lanceal, May 17, 2013.

  1. lanceal
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    lanceal New Member

    hi, im new in using the Maxsurf software, and i have seen people using the version 19 to get a quick-start menu which consists of "hard chined hull, OSV, yatch, RIB...".
    instead, I'm only getting the quick-start menu that shows "catamaran, ship 3 surface, ship 1 surface, yatch, trawler...".

    so my question is that how would i get the quick-start menu to allow me to choose the "hard chined hull, OSV, yatch, RIB..."?
    And are there 2 kinds of quick-start menu lists available??

    It would be very helpful and i would be very appreciate if someone could help to solve this problem. thanks. :)
  2. zeroname
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    zeroname Naval Architect

    are u using educational or professional ? there is different in each version
  3. bhnautika
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    bhnautika Senior Member

    lanceal have a look in the sample designs you may find what you want.
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