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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by peterAustralia, Jan 19, 2019.

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    I have been thinking again.

    I had a long narrowing rowing boat (13.5 x 4ft), thought would be nice to have a small rig that I could use occasionally when the wind was favourable. Yes has been done before and is known as a sail and oar boat.

    Issue, where to put the mast when not in use, such as when rowing.

    My boat has large fore and aft buoyancy compartments. The traditional method of stowing a mast along the hull floor becomes difficult as the buoyancy compartments restrict length available for mast stowage.

    Now sail area for such a boat is modest, maybe 50 to 60 sqr feet. so a very strong mast is not required.

    I was thinking of a bipod mast. Mast pivot is on the gunnel, say approx 4ft from bow.

    Here is the 'newness'. The bipod mast is curved so as to follow the gunnel. When not in use it simply stows just inboard of the gunnel, on both sides, not interfereing in rowing, fishing, sleeping, or anything else. To raise, just run a line from bow to mast top and secure. Probably need a back stay as well. Because it is bipod and has two lines for support, dimensions of mast can be much lighter than in a typical mast set up for row and oar boat which is unstayed. Maybe each of the two mast spars are say 25mm x 15mm

  2. messabout
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    Gunter rig has a collapsible mast that is more convenient to store aboard. A boomless rig will further convenience the storing of the spars.

    A bipod rig is not, in my mind, the way to fly. What would you presume to do with the bipod itself when not sailing? Needing a fore or aft wire would be a serious pain in ..neck to rig or unrig. while underway. Keep it simple.
  3. KJL38
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    For ideas have a look at the Pacific Action kayak sails. Pacific Action kayak sail and canoe sail They use a bipod mast with a bungee to raise it and to lower it you just haul in the back stays/control lines and tuck the masts under a bungee, can be raised or lowered in seconds. The PA kayak sails range from 1 to 2.2 square metres so less than half your proposed size and I find the 1 metre to be adequate on a single kayak so I feel you could easily go smaller if your boat has low drag.
  4. peterAustralia
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    peterAustralia Senior Member

    yes that is similar to what I was thinking. my idea was for the bipod to fold down so that it sits 5mm inside the gunnel for entire length of boat. this way it would not interfere with rowing or anything else

  5. Clarkey
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    A little bit like the rig for the Alden Appledore Pod?

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