Preservative for Wooden Canoe

Discussion in 'Materials' started by saltyed, Jun 15, 2008.

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    I am restoring a 1932 Penn-Yan wooden canoe. Basic cedar ribs and sheathing to be covered with canvas. I've stripped the finish and bleached the wood. A recommendation is to now treat the wood with hot boiled linseed oil (75%) and Cuprinol (25%). But clear cuprinol formula 20 seems to be unavailable (it's in the Jamestown catalog but not on the website). Is there a recommended alternative wood treatment product? After the treatment dries I plan to finish the wood with a modern varnish from West Marine. Boat will be used in saltwater. Thanks.
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    You had better look at the instructions on the modern varnish. Most of the 'old remedies' will spoil modern finishes.
    Generally, thinned 'modern varnish' will do the job, and the ratio and correct thinner will be on the side of the varnish can of your choice.
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