preliminary structure weight calc

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by Armada01, Jul 11, 2016.

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    No offense taken at all, if you can't deal with people making remarks on your (usually) ill-defined question (because otherwise your first post would not be a question but a pretentious essay) you shouldn't go on a forum.
    As for giving advice myself, sure, but you can't know everything and should remain humble enough to ask, no matter the experience...
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    One avenue to pursue is a student of design, maybe getting close to graduation or possibly just so, but still looking to cut their teeth on a project. The costs will be much lower and an talented, yet inexperienced person looking to make a start, would be more amenable to taking a chance with an upstart. Maybe, ten years from now, as your 200th yacht of your most popular model rolls off the assembly line, you both can look back and laugh about the hard times, during start up, with its 14 hour days, endless details and problem solving headaches, etc. It's happened many times before, it's just focus, diligence and dedication. I went into business with my brother in law back in the early 80's. We didn't make a dime for months and the first year showed 300k in the red. We broke about even in the second year and billed about 900k the following year. You always start with a trusted and determined core group of people, bust your butts for seemingly way too long, but eventually, with sound practices and some luck (read lots of luck), you can make it.

    I agree with TANSL in wishing you good luck, but disagree in that this forum isn't a place you can gather up some information or ask questions. Of course, as on all forums of this type, you'll have to wade through some tall grass to get at the real prize, but this is true in the board room of a corporation, the assessment team of a focus group and about every other adventure you stumble into. The key is to only pay attention to the nucleus points of your interests and discard the extraneous stuff.
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