practical jetboat similar to boston whaler rage

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by beachcraft, Feb 16, 2012.

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    I've been looking at classifieds for Boston Whaler Rage jetboats.
    There are three on the market
    A 13'6" Rage 50 HP yamaha, first one
    A 14' Rage 90 HP OMC
    A 15' Rage 175 HP Mercury, newest model and most expensive

    People say parts are iffy for the OMC and the yamaha is underpowered for more than two people. Any feedback on this from people who know their boats here?

    The newer mercury sportjet is heavier and more expensive than what I want.

    Other jetboats are too gimmacy for me. I don't want a boat styled as a kid's toy with bright colored swooshes and fake scoops and cupholders.

    Are there other similar practical small jetboats to the 13' Boston Whaler Rage or built lighter?
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    If you purchase an older Boston Whaler Rage used, survey it carefully for water intrusion into the foam.
    Some old Boston Whaler Rages had hundreds of pounds of water soak into the foam.
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    An outboard is more usable horsepower than a jet. And you can tilt up an outboard when needed!
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