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Discussion in 'Jet Drives' started by jonmonkfish, May 31, 2012.

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    1st post help needed with project

    I have managed to get my hands on a PP65 to aid my project.

    My plan is to find a suitable electric motor to run it. And initially buy a cheap speedboat 14-16ft to build a prototype.

    Eventually if the prototype is successful when I have saved up for my 18ft fishing boat to be built I will kit it out with my electric jet drive and possibly a more modern jet.

    My 1st question is what engine would normally be used to run a pp65 am I right in thinking a Rover v8 is one of the options and what spec engine is required? Weight, torque, rpm etc so I can figure out which electric motor I need

    What size boat is the PP65 suitable to shove along. (min-Max)
    What is the max RPM of the PP65

    I know it is not possible to say what RPM would be needed to shove a boat along as I don't know the details of the boat I will use yet but is there a recommended RPM so i don't hav to run it at its max again to help with wot electric motor to get

    Also i plan on building a small internal transom and tunnel to mount the PP65 so it doesn't stick out so far and a tunnel to help flow to the motor and to keep the motor above the lowest point of the boat as it will beach launched.

    for example if I had a 14 boat and fitted a 3ft tunnel how much would this affect handling buoyancy etc

    im sure ill think of more questions but that will do for now to get me started
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