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  1. sandeep
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    sandeep Sandeep

    I have designed a boat L=8.5m B=2m D=1.1m and i don't know how to do the powering calculation.Can I get some data regarding this
  2. CDK
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    CDK retired engineer

    You have probably designed a cast iron narrow-boat.
    I fully understand that you encountered power calculation difficulties.
  3. gonzo
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    gonzo Senior Member

    A local unemployed man with a paddle can power your boat.
  4. apex1

    apex1 Guest


    there are no unemployed in India.
  5. gonzo
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    gonzo Senior Member

    They are busy designing boats.
    Sandeep: What is the purpose of the design?
  6. Ike
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    Ike Senior Member

    do we get to see this boat?

  7. aranda1984
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    aranda1984 aranda1984

    Putting a shape to paper, does not make it a design.

    It is just a sketch. It is a dream at best...

    Put it on the water, will it float or will it sink?

    In between those two stages you have to do either calculations, or some very educated guesses that are based on practical experience!

    The type and the shape of the hull, the displacement and the planned speed etc.. and many more factors will determine the power requirements.
    (There are way too many variables to list here that will effect the power requirements.)

    Basically any power plant will make the boat move. The questions are: will it go at hull speed? Will it rise out of the water and glide over the top? Or will it generate only waves (like a giant tug boat) that will wash the shores a mile away?

    ...If I were in your shoes, I would go to a marina where they have lots of boats about the same size and shape as yours.

    I would check out what they have for power!

    That is a good starting point for an amateur boat builder!

    Good luck, you'll be needing it.
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