Power Cat Hull design

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    Hi guys:

    I am trying to draw a 15 meters power cat for my school project and just find something not quite right with this hull model, anyone can point out the problem. So this vessel is organised as a simi-disp charter boat with cruising speed around 18kn and top speed around 24 knots. And the preliminary Maxsurf drawing shown below:


    body plan.jpg
    LOA-14.8m, LWL-13.9m, BOA-5.5,
    Disp-14,000KG, Cp-0.69, LCB-0.56,

    I not quite sure about if it is necessary to put a Chine on the hull, and also
    confused how to develop the hull shape around and below the stern.(especially around the propeller area). Will be appreciate to your suggestion.
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