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    i am looking for free design of a small catamaran about 6, up to 8 mtrs .powered with 2 outboard engines .I search all the "free design " of the site.
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    The only power catamaran plans that I have seen recently are from Glen-L and Ken Hankinson.

    http://boatdesigns.com/ search for bear cat and wildcats

    But there must be more.

    Are you looking for a high-performance catamaran, or a cruising catamaran? What kind of top speed are you looking for, and what are your requirements (cabin, accommodations, sleek, seaworthy?)

    Also, and please don't take this the wrong way, maybe you should invest money up front rather than looking for free plans. It seems if you are going to spend so much time and money building a boat, paying a little up front for a well-thought-out design makes more sense than trying to save a few pennies by using free plans and ending up with something which might not perform as you had hoped. Better to measure twice and cut once... get it planned out perfectly ahead of time with either the perfect plans (though I don’t know if they exist) or by finding a designer, spending the money and time in the concept phase and then saving materials and labor later to make up for it.
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    Also hunting for small speed (power catamaran)

    I've also been searching for the same thing. Basically a 20'-25' Power Catamaran. I'm interested in the speed not the cruising though. But I'm start to seriously think about having a designer do up some plans for me so that I get exactly what I want. Can anyone give a rough estimate of how much it should cost for me to get a designer to design a 20-25 foot power catamaran, fresh water, double inboard or outboard engines, able to play around in 4 foot waves, preferable fiber glass construction. I do not need any of the extras as this will be a weekend cottage boat only. Please let me know if you manage to find any plans
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    Cat designers

    I'd recommend checking out http://members.aol.com/SailDesign/private/scbweb/baykeepr.htm
    and talking to Steve Baker and his partner Richard Roake.

    If what you're contemplating is a fast tunnel hull you might also want to talk to Harry Schoell at www.pulsedrive.net

    If you want a moderate speed desplacement cat chack out my further remarks in this forum under "Catamaran Trawler Hull Profile."

    Good Luck!
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    another link

    You might also want to check out http://www.morrellimelvin.com/

    There's more discussion in the powerboats forum under "multi-hull boats".

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    I have been developing a design for a 24-ft powercat for coastwise white-knuckle play. It is currently on hold while I am working with a client on two bluewater cruising designs. If you are interested in developing the design of the cat further and can wait until late fall or early winter for me to be off-contract, contact me at:

    Michael Mason, Designer
    Mason Marine Designs Inc.
    RR 1, 362 Lower Branch Road
    Bridgewater Nova Scotia
    Canada B4V 2V9

    tel: 902-543-6424
    fax: 902-543-2477
    e-mail: mmason@tallships.ca
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