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    I am managing a plating job on a steel fishing tender. The vessel is slab sided, hard chine construction. 90' overall length. We are replacing side plating, frames, and some of the bottom plate on the aft 20' of the vessel. About 14,000 lbs of steel being replaced.

    The reason for the replacement is a badly rusted area. Like a lot of fishing boats this one was lengthened by a previous owner and they never painted the interior of the new construction. It is now wasting away.

    I have reasonably experienced crew and all the right equipment. We have completed projects of this sort in the past, but never did a good job of keeping track of the time and costs.

    My question is what is a typical number of hours to replace this much steel? I would think that most boatyards that do this kind of work would have some kind of standard pounds per hour number that they use for estimating. I am really in the fish processing business and in the off season we do our own vessel maintenance.

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