Potential supersonic jet boat design from 1998

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by FranklinRatliff, Feb 21, 2013.

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    Howard Arneson told me that he would never take his boat(s) over 200mph simply because that was the threshold above which too many people died on the water..yet he continued to build boats that were capable of speeds far beyond that limit.

    I never thought to question his logic..made perfect sense to me then and still does now.
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    Without dreams we are nothing and go now where !!

    we need dreamers in our life times . look around you if it wasnt for dreams we would be all standing on the riverbanks of the world wondering how to get to the otherside !!
    Dreamers are thinkers and thinkers are few and far between there days . so whats your dreams ??? :(
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    To go on the other side of the river :)
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    My dream is to go with you...
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    Burt Rutan made similar remarks at the TED conference in 2006.

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    Supertramp wrote a song about it.
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