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    I'm based here in La Ciotat, France having arrived in July 2006, part of an 8 man team to Fair a 'Cat/Bradley'. The job got done & the rest of the lads went off to Germany. I remained, having being offered a full-time position on a self-employed basis with Hydra-Sud Services as part of their "Finishing team". (www.hydrasud.com)
    The bulk of the work undertaken by Hydra-Sud services is provided by several of the major Company's based here upon the yard; MONACO MARINE, COMPOSITE WORKS, H2x, CLASSIC WORKS & (SOUTHERN SPARS...mast's & Boom's). Simply due to the nature & variation of this work, i consider myself to be a positive element in any man's team.. more so in the latter stages of Faring, getting the 'details' sorted, into High/Ultra Build, knocking it back, 545 & prepping for Gloss. I'm now looking for work as the 45/55hr week i've enjoyed week in week out since Oct 2006 has come to an end....... Yes, the "Crisis" has finally arrived on La Ciotat's Yard!
    Prior to takeing up employment with Hydra-Sud services, i'd spent 3yrs on fairing/Scratch & Gloss contracts in Ancona/Italy, San Fernando/Spain & here in France...St Nazaire/Bordeaux/La Rochelle & La Ciotat.

    If you feel that your in a position to offer me work or know of someone who's in need of an extra pair of hands....drop me a line please at (wildoignon@yahoo.com) Obtaining work outside of France poses no problem.
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