Port Orford Cedar planking

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Thomas Wick, Jul 17, 2007.

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    I would like to get the opinion of the members on making Port Orford Cedar planks for a lapstreak designed boat hull. I cannot purchase the cedar in dimensional lumber and do not like the idea of plywood, multiple scarfs and questionable cores, yes, even BS 1088! My idea is to take the smaller lenghths of POC and laminate them with epoxy to the desired thickness, approx 5/8" and run them through a planer then rip them to width. It would be kind of like cold-molding a lapstreak hull. The benefits as I see them would be, a rot resistant wood with dimensional stability, no scarf joints, unlimited on length and of course, no doubt about the true quality of the core, as compared to marine plywood. Is this madness or ???

    Thomas :cool:
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    Hello & welcome to the forum.

    Have you typed "Port Orford Cedar" into the forum search engine?

    There are a number of posts, includeing several of your earlier ones.

    I myself have never built with Cedar. Do know Port Orford makes a superior wood arrow. :)

    Take care.

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