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    I built a pontoon boat from a kit and it is a realy neat system. You can buy the kit so that you furnish some of the parts and you can buy the kit so that you have nothing else to buy. I went with the entire kit and the boat turned out great and I spent a fraction of the cost of a new pontoon boat, and got a new pontoon boat.
    Check out http://www.custompontoonboatkitsetc.com
    They have a link on this site under boat kits. It is easy to do and the pontoons are very well built.
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    Let me ask you a question: what makes one pontoon better than another? Shape/Design? Weld quality? Weight/Gague of metal? How much of a range is available in the current market?

    And what does a kit cost?

    Curious minds want to know.

    Also do you have a contact at the company? Someone asked in the design forum if it would be possible to get custom fabricated pontoons built to his design. Do you know if this is possible/available? (possible for a still realistic price, that is ;))
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    Pontopon Boat Kits

    Price wise I was pleased , I got a 24' boat and the pontoons have water tight sections every five feet. They have a bumper rail on the side of the pontoon and that help me do to my lack of docking ability, and full length risers on the pontoons. The kit came with all of the hardware and it I got a trailer as well. I did a lot of shopping and I was amazed at the money I saved. I got a rebuilt motor for the boat and I have it set up for fishing and we use stack chairs on the deck. That way I can get them out of the way for fishing.

    Here is the web site: http//:custompontoonboatkitsetc.com

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    I am starting to make up a set of plans for a pontoon boat that I plan to construct out of aluminum. I figure that since you assembled one you might be able to tell me the type of bracketry used to attach the logs to the deck--and if the system that they use seems to be adequate enough. I would like to design mine so that the plywood deck plays no role the structural stability of the boat.

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    Plastic Pontoons

    If you want to see the bracketry used, check out, as was mentioned above, plasticpontoon.com.
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