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    Anyone here rolled and tipped polylon HP? I just purchased two gallons to do a skiff. The sales rep. at Sherwin didn't order the reducer but he said I could use MAK. I just rolled and tipped the first coat and it didn't flow very well at all. Ended up with alot of brush strokes from the tipping, no matter how light I was with the brush and the "wet-edge" transitions didn't blend very well. I tried un-thinned, thinned 10% with the MAK and thinned 20% with the MAK. Sherwin williams recommends maximum of 10% reduction but even at 10% reducting it still wasn't flowing. I'm going to have them order the proper reducer and hopefully the paint flows better with the proper reducer but in the mean time I wanted to check and see if anyone has any experience or advice for working with this paint. It's pretty warm here (90 degrees or so) but I've rolled and tipped awlgrip and several interlux paints with very good success at 90+ degree temps. Any advice is appreciated.
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    I'm not that familiar with this particular product, but it's common to have flow promoters for use in semi tropical climates, like yours. Often these are in the reducer and a few different reducers are employed, depending on environmental conditions (slow, medium and fast). In hot weather, you have to work smaller areas, so you can maintain a wet edge, plus a wetting agent or flow promoter of some sort. Talk to your paint supplier and have a look at the MSDS sheet so you can see what else they put in the reducer (wetting agents), as it's unlikely it's just straight MEK. Lastly work at night or very early morning. This is what I have to do with some products, which is why you'll see my posts at all hours of the morning, sometimes. The cooler temperatures can help a lot.
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