Pod motor and large prop for electric motor drive

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Bookmaker, Feb 13, 2010.

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    It's great reading threads by so many engineer types!

    I would bet though, that an electric motor may all ready exist, but it wouldn't be used for boats. Motors exist for aerospace, robotics, medical equipment and so on that is probably not common knowledge.

    General Electric electric motor division is in Springfield, Mo. amoung other places and I'd bet a phone call and ask for the engineer department or even marketing types might get answers.

    Now, if I were an engineer or a designer type and knew what I was looking for, I'd call GE. I wouldn't ask about a one off motor (which they could do) but I'd ask about a thousand for boating applications and develop a package with state of the art (today's state) technology. Now, they will talk to you. If you go to the factory, you'd get a tour and some more possibilities from those who do this stuff.

    Who knows, you might make some money!

    A 60' yacht is probably not the place to start. Design systems for 20 and 30 footers, sell a fifty thousand of them and buy an 80' cat with diesels and don't worry about the costs of fuel. Or then design the first solar/diesel electric yacht for a 60 or 80 foot cat.

    Necessity may drive innovation, but demand drives the market that drives industry.

    Now, when you started talking about compressed air engines, that one blew past me, I have an air compressor and a good size tank, am I to fill my sail with it on demand :?: :D
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