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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Ernest Shaw, Apr 18, 2018.

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    Hello fellas. Newbie here with a question for you seasoned designers. I've recently become interested in boats and purchased a 16 foot flat bottom to "learn" with. This boat is what I'm using to try out different ideas I come up with. It's an all welded unit with a 50 inch bottom. Transom height is 20" from the bottom to where the engine mounts. The angle of the transom appears to be 7 degrees. I have thought about making pods similar to those available from Beavertail but I have a thought I'd like your opinions on. Instead of making them 8 inches tall I've thought about continuing the vertical rise until they about come up to the top of the transom. My thought process behind this is by doing so I get a progressive reaction from them. Basically what I'm saying is that the more the transom pushes down when coming to plane the more the pod will push back helping with buoyancy in the rear. Currently I have a kicker motor mounted in the rear also along with my main power, a Yamaha 40 horse 4 stroke. I also have two batteries in the rear of the boat, one for cranking the main and the other for the kicker. The kicker battery also acts as the house battery. I don't run with the boat at high speed. Is building these a bad idea that will adversely affect handling? Thanks for your time and feed back.
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    It could affect handling, you have to slope them upwards so they don't prevent the bow from rising to a proper planing angle. I can't imagine you are submerging them more than 8 inches in a flat bottom so I would do away with making them higher, especially since they make a nice step getting in from when wade fishing.
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